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Handcrafted by Italian artisans with a beautiful combination of sustainable Eleather and eco-friedly fabric, this luxurious collar is the perfect choice for the eco-conscious consumer. Strong, safe and ready for action, with top-quality solid nickel fittings for extra strength.

Lined Vegan Leather Collar

PriceFrom Kč379.00
    • XS: 19.3-25.9 cm (L) x 1.5 cm (W)
    • S: 24.4-30.5 cm (L) x 1.5 cm (W)
    • M: 29.7-35.6 cm (L) x 2 cm (W)
    • L: 34.3-39.9 cm (L) x 2.5 cm (W)
    • XL: 39.4-45.7 cm (L) x 2.5 cm (W)


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