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Personal Data

Protection of Personal Data


Effective date: 01/10/2022


Last updated: 01/10/2022



As a Czech company providing customers with the sale of various products listed on our website, we are aware of the fact that the processing of personal data is an important part of our business activities. We consistently take care of the protection of personal data that we process and control all activities with regard to their impact on the processing of personal data by our company. In order to explain the exact process of personal data processing for our purposes, we have summarized the most important information in the following text. We would like to point out that the above text is exclusively informative and serves to explain our personal data protection system. This privacy policy explains and describes the procedures and security measures we have adopted in accordance with applicable law. Details on our processing of personal data within our systems can be found here.


Who operates the processed personal data?

The operator and processor of all personal data provided and obtained by the company The Wufwuf Co, s.r.o. is the company The Wufwuf Co, s.r.o., which processes and controls data, with its registered office at Lužická 1033/4, Vinohrady, 120 00 Praha, Czech Republic, IČO: 117 121 71 (hereinafter referred to as "The Wufwuf Co" or "we, our, our"). This privacy policy applies to personal data collected and processed by The Wufwuf Co in connection with the services and products provided by The Wufwuf Co. The Wufwuf Co is thus the sole and exclusive operator of personal data. We are entitled to ask our contractual partners to process personal data on our behalf, in which case we are obliged to ensure that they take measures ensuring the same level of personal data protection as we provide.


What personal data is collected?

Personal data means information that makes it possible to directly or indirectly identify a specific person. We may collect personal data from various sources. These sources include personal data we have obtained directly from individuals, personal data collected automatically, and personal data obtained from other sources, particularly from our business partners.


We mainly collect personal data of customers who have ordered or want to order goods from our website. In addition to the above-mentioned data, we collect identification and contact purposes of representatives of our contractual partners (suppliers, subcontractors, etc.) with whom we conduct business activities. We also collect personal data about users of our platform and creators of our content. We only collect personal data that we absolutely need to fulfill our purposes and do not process any other personal data.




On what basis are we authorized to process personal data?

Legal regulations establish the need for the processing of personal data by companies for the purpose of carrying out their business activities and state the conditions under which the given company is authorized to process personal data. The company is entitled to process a person's personal data based on the consent given by the person in question, or in certain circumstances even without such consent. The Wufwuf Co processes personal data without the consent of the persons concerned if the processing is necessary for the conclusion of a contract in which the person in question is a contracting party, or at the request of the person concerned before the conclusion of the contract. The Wufwuf Co also processes personal data without the consent of the person concerned if the processing is necessary to fulfill a legal requirement applicable to The Wufwuf Co. Last but not least, The Wufwuf Co processes the personal data of the persons concerned without their consent in the case of processing within the legitimate interest of The Wufwuf Co, or of third parties, as long as such interest is superior to the interests, fundamental rights and freedoms of the said persons concerned. Apart from the cases mentioned above, The Wufwuf Co processes personal data exclusively with the consent of the person concerned.


For what purposes do we process personal data?

We collect, process and disclose personal data exclusively for specific and limited purposes. For example, to keep records of business cases and sales indicators on our site, to keep a list of customers, in order to support users and customers in optimizing their relationships with 4Laby, to process payments, to evaluate and process complaints, to develop and improve our services, products and communication methods and functionalities of our site, to provide personalized products, communication and targeted advertising and product recommendations.


We also create profiles by analyzing the information of our customers when browsing, searching and interacting with our content. The Wufwuf Co does not process personal data by automated means. An automated decision is a decision made exclusively by automatic means without human intervention in the decision-making process.


With whom do we share the personal data we process?

The Wufwuf Co shares processed personal data internally within the company and its affiliated companies, as well as with selected third parties. For example, we share personal data with third-party service providers and other third parties if we are required by law to provide the personal data collected by us (lawful disclosure).


In the event that another person acquires us, personal data will be provided to him in the scope of the decision-making process and will be transferred to him as part of our property.


Access to your personal data is allowed exclusively to employees and representatives according to the actual need and under strict conditions of confidentiality in case of provision to third parties. We apply the standard terms and conditions established by the European Commission for the transfer of personal data outside the EU.


How long do we keep personal data?

We keep your personal data for as long as we need it for the purpose of processing.


For example, we keep personal data related to the contract during the entire period of its performance and after the expiration of this period for a period that allows us to respond to claims, inquiries, complaints and other questions related to the contract. We actively monitor the data processed by us, and if we no longer need them to fulfill a legal, business, or customer purpose, we will securely delete or anonymize them.


How do we ensure the security of processed personal data?

We implement security measures and procedures in accordance with the latest knowledge. Our security measures are applied to any processing we do on any system we create. Our security measures are directly applied to our personal data processing conditions with regard to the current international standards of information technology risk management. We analyze in detail potential risks related to our processing of personal data and deal with risks with professional care in order to eliminate or minimize them. At the same time, we limit access to our databases containing personal data to persons who have a legitimate reason to access such data.


What rights do the data subjects whose personal data we process have?

The affected person can exercise their rights at any time by email at the address:


Affected persons have several rights with regard to the method and scope of processing of their personal data, which they are entitled to exercise at any time. These rights include:


Right to information – The right to obtain clear, transparent and easy-to-understand information about the way personal data is used by our company and about the rights of the persons concerned.

Right of access and rectification – The right to access, correct and update personal data at any time.

Right to data transfer - Personal data provided to us can be transferred under certain circumstances. This means their transfer, copying, or transmission by electronic means when certain circumstances are met.

Right to erasure – In certain circumstances, the data subject is entitled to request the erasure of their personal data. In the event that we no longer need the personal data collected by us for any purpose and we are not legally obliged to store them, we will take all necessary steps to delete, permanently invalidate, or anonymize them.

Right to restriction of processing – In certain circumstances, the data subject is entitled to restrict the right to processing of his data.

Right to object - Under certain circumstances, the data subject is entitled to object to certain processing, including processing for direct marketing purposes (e.g. delivery of emails and offers from us) and other processing for our legitimate purposes.

The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority – The affected person is entitled to lodge a complaint directly with any local supervisory authority regarding our processing of his/her personal data.

Right to withdraw consent – ​​If we process personal data on the basis of the consent provided by the person concerned and this consent is the legal basis for our processing, the person concerned is entitled to withdraw this consent at any time.

Rights related to automatic decision-making – Affected persons are entitled to disagree with automatic decision-making, which is the result of exclusively automatic processing and which has legal or other significant consequences.

We will not limit any rights arising from this directive without prior consent.


How can you contact us?

In case of any questions regarding this personal data protection directive, or the processing itself, as well as in the case of filing a complaint with regard to a possible violation of your rights to the protection of personal data, do not hesitate to contact us by email at the address:


How do we update our guidelines?

We update this privacy policy whenever necessary to reflect customer feedback and changes to our services and products. In case of any changes to this document, we will indicate the date of the last change in its header. In the case of changes of a fundamental scope, we will provide a more prominent notice (for example, including notification of changes to our rules by email). We keep all previous versions of this document for revision purposes.

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